The Ignored Art of the Book Spine

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So much attention is paid to the front of books that it’s easy to forget that the front cover is only a part, and perhaps not even the most important part, of a book cover. The back cover, the spine, and even the front and back cover flaps are important parts of the book cover experience.

I think there is a strong argument to be made that, at least historically, the spine is at least as important as the front cover. After all, books are kept on shelves, and spines are pretty much all you see when a book is sitting next to its fellow books on the shelf. When perusing books in the library or on your own bookshelf, the spine is all the book has to attract your attention and make you pull it out and look at its front cover.

It’s an interesting challenge to design for…

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Song Lyrics, Writing, and Art as Confession

The Novel Shrink

Rap isn’t my favourite music, but the other day when I heard a podcast on CBC about rappers being arrested for the content of their lyrics, I was intrigued.  Sure, there’s a lot of violent ideas floating around the rap-o-sphere, but the crux of the segment on Q was this: is it fair to use art as evidence of a crime?  I would take that argument a little further: If we consider the old adage “write what you know,” is it okay to hold an artist accountable for what they write?

Truth isn’t Always Stranger than Fiction 

It could be that using art as evidence is totally bunk.  I mean, yes, Sylvia Plath was kind of loony.  Her writings were creepy and she met a rather grisly end.  In this way, it’s kind of easy to see how art imitates life in a real way.  Way back in the day…

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The Artist


30 minutes before midnight yet I’m still staring on the screen running my hands on the keyboard. I don’t even know what letter to press first. I’ve been thinking about this entry for a long week because it’s never easy to just sit down here and type whatever my hand leads me to press on the keyboard. Something serious, yes but I might say this is really something that I can’t even explain or how to begin it even.

I touched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes – played His song and again, let my mind wander and wonder. Geez, this is what I’m telling you guys! The song has ended yet I haven’t written anything! Hahaha. Then I had to repeat it again. Okay this is hilarious.

After a long hour of thinking, finally I was able to think of one word that I know can connect everything for this entry. I know, no one reads my entries but I still wanted to keep writing because who knows, someone might accidentally click this entry and…. Might as well read it? 🙂

This is a simple entry but I hope you could still appreciate it. Thank you. 🙂


ARTIST – one word that can perfectly describe Him. I don’t want to discuss every word about Him being an artist for it’s not really the words that matters the most in here – it’s his amazing and unique works and the beautiful sound he create every time he sing.

 Sometimes, it’s funny how I stare at one of his art works and eventually started feeling sad for myself and asked how come I can’t create such beautiful piece!? (That’s hilarious, eh?) Well that is because he’s blessed to be given such wonderful talents from the Lord and I know with all his heart, he is thankful about that as well.

[Guys, I was about to end this and publish this post when I suddenly remember something and thought about writing here in between. I badly wanted to tell the world this that….]

Even with his cut palm and bandaged hand, he never stop to create art. 🙂

He’s really strong, I believe and being strong is one of the proofs and reasons why he is so blessed and successful. Nothing and no one stopped him from the things he does. Truly an artist with a happy heart, strong personality plus a very creative mind with a blessed palm and hand to create an amazing art. 🙂


So, enough with my long bluhs. Friends, drop by and see what my dear friend got. I know my words aren’t enough to even make your hand move and leads to the links I’ll be including here and click them but you may want to see it yourself!

See art. Catch a glimpse of his colorful world. 🙂


For those who want to learn about Photography (Selected areas around Manila, PHL only. Teehee. Sorry, guys. :P) I guess he is open about that –

you can contact him via twitter or facebook at @iammarkdizon. Oh yeah! By the way, he goes by the name of Mark Tarroza Dizon, the artist. 🙂

Just so you guys know, I am really a huge fan of this artist. 🙂


She is…..




“Each day my love grows deeper. Deeper like never before.” 

Credits to Ms. Julie Anne San Jose for that meaningful lyrics from her own written composition – Deeper.

I don’t know who JAPS was referring to her song lyrics but as I listen to that song, someone came up into my mind (and that made me smile as I listen to every line of that beautiful song) – a good friend of mine who has always been there for me. She’s aparrently a she. 🙂 I don’t know how to describe her for she has everything – a humble person with a kind heart and that I think made her perfect and amazing. 🙂

Well, i don’t wanna make a long bluhs for this entry for the thing I wanted to tell the whole world was to simply say Thank you to this lady who always wanted to be on the same pace with me and who is willing to hold my hand tightly as we walk together on our beautiful journey. Thank you for everything – for even coming into my life. Thank you for contributing colors to my dark and sad life. Thank you for loving me back as your friend and that made me even love her more deeper. Deeper like never before.


By the way, SHE IS simply my Shaney. 🙂 Shanine JulianneJumao-as Nur. My labs. ❤

The Dreamer

The Dreamer

I seriously do not know what to write in this blog but then I let my mind wander around and finally realized that I have something to say and share but Im telling you, it’s no big deal. 🙂 This is about my journey in life – my love to art and music, my inspirations and reasons why I made this blog – my simple little blog.

2 years ago, I thought of giving up everything because I thought of my life as pointless. I was hopeless. My dreams shattered and I locked myself in a dark room and stayed there for a long time. I even stop dreaming but eventually learn to let go and move on and somehow see a little light with different colors. I came into this deep and meaningful realization that hey! this is life, we have to deal with its every part – we all have to go with the flow. And then I started dreaming again. 🙂

I am May Joy Ann Ganuelas Carig, 20 years old, the dreamer. 🙂